Start Your day with breakfast made from fresh ingedients from Monday till Friday.

Breakfast menu

Italian breakfast
Baguette with tomatoes, basil and olive oil, toasted mozzarella. Parma ham, butter, jam, bread, coffee - tea, Granini juice, a glass Proseč.
129,- Kč
French breakfast
Ham, French cheese with mold, homemade pate, croissant, jam, butter, bread, coffee - tea, Granini juice.
129,- Kč
Fit breakfast
Granola, organic yogurt, honey, fresh pineapple, butter, whole grain bread, sprinkled with herbal tea, 100% fruit juice apple, orange, grapefruit, Actimel.
129,- Kč
Morning restart
Cappuccino - Juice Granini - Croisant
59,- Kč

Egg dishes from a 3 eggs

Ham and eggs
baked ham with egg, bread, butter, jam
75,- Kč
roasted bacon with a fried egg, bread, butter, jam
75,- Kč
Scrambled eggs
Ham, bread, butter, jam
75,- Kč
All egg dishes
With coffee or tea and Juice Granini
99,- Kč

Czech classics

Debrecener sausages,
variations mustard, bread
65,- Kč