Beef carpaccio with olive oil, parmesan cheese, aruqula,
198,- Kč
Prawns roasted in butter with galic and chilli peppers served on mixed salad with foccacia
198,- Kč


Beef broth
with pulled meat, noodles and vegetables
68,- Kč
Kulajda with
wild mushrooms, fresh dill and poached egg
78,- Kč
Pumpkin creamy soup with roasted pumpkin seeds and parmesan chips
88,- Kč

Pasta - Gnocchi

Linguine roasted in olive oil with sun-dried tomatoes, garlic and arugula, pork tenderloin
228,- Kč
Linguine with Italian pancetta, garlic and cream, grilled chicken breast, parmesan
228,- Kč


Grilled Norwegian salmon fillet with herb butter,
served on mixed salad with olive oil and seas salt
268,- Kč
Norwegian salmon on butter, grenaille with spinach, cream and sun-dried tomatoes
328,- Kč
Grilled salmon, Italian pasta with lemon sauce and basil
288,- Kč


Burger with pulled duck meat in hoisin sauce, onion marmelade,
grilled bacon, salad, pickle, fries and spicy dip
248,- Kč
Creamy rissoto with pumpink reduction, white wine and parmesan, grilled duck breasts, tomato tartar
288,- Kč
Chicken steak in creamy sauce with sun-dried tomatoes, garlic and parmesan cheese,
baked potatoes with thame butter
298,- Kč


Fillé steak PIRI PIRI
with roasted red pepper, Italian bacon, mushrooms and chilli on butter
428,- Kč
Fillet steak MADAGASKAR,
demi-glace with green pepper, brandy sauce
428,- Kč
Rumsteak with herb butter and grilled vegetables, jacket potato with spicy dip
428,- Kč
Grilled board loin, mushrooms with rosemary, mashed potatoes with garlic butter, juniper demi glace
398,- Kč

Chef's special

Grilled pork tenderloin, beans with bacon, fried poatoes, garlic dip
served with spicy Italian salami cream sauce and shallot
288,- Kč
Chicken steak with fried panchetta,
blue cheese dip, steak fries and vegetable chips
228,- Kč
Beef tartar - 150g (250g/390Kč)
served with toasted bread and pickled vegetables
290,- Kč
Marinated pork chop,
two kind of dips, served with corn on the cob, steak chips
288,- Kč
Lamb shank in rich rosemary gravy served with crushed potatoes, spinach and garlic
348,- Kč


Chicken Ceasar sald with grilled bacon and
croutons, gran apadano cheese
148,- Kč
Caesar salad with grilled bacon and croutons, grana padano cheese and chicken
208,- Kč
Shredded salads with fresh vegetables, quacamole salsa and grilled corn on the cob, fried chicken strips
208,- Kč

Dětská jídla

Beef broth with vegetables
38,- Kč
Chicken steak from the grill with ham cream sauce,
french fries, vegetables
128,- Kč
fried cheddar cheese, french fries, tartar sauce
128,- Kč


Grilled vegetables with thyme and garlic
68,- Kč
Small mixed salad
59,- Kč
Steakové hranolky
42,- Kč
Boiled potatoes with butter
40,- Kč
Roasted potatoes with onion, bacon and créme fraiche
48,- Kč
Pan fried potatoes
40,- Kč
Mashed potatoes
40,- Kč
Boiled rice
40,- Kč
Blue chesse dip
20,- Kč
Spicy dip
20,- Kč
Tartar sauce
20,- Kč
Focaccia with rosemary
34,- Kč


Ice cream sundae with vanilla ice cream,
cookies, caramel, orange créme fraiche, cream
108,- Kč
Chocolade fondant with rfriut sorbet,
créme fraiche and fruit coulies
108,- Kč
Baileys créme brulée with salted caramel ice cream
108,- Kč

K vínu

198,- Kč
Olives – black, chilli, garlic
48,- Kč
Rosted almonds with sea salt
68,- Kč
Homemade potato chips with sea salt
65,- Kč