Beef carpaccio with olive oil, parmesan cheese, aruqula,
158,- Kč
Gratinated snails with herb butter, baguette
148,- Kč
Prawns roasted on butter with garlic and mungo sprouts served on mixed salad
168,- Kč


Tomato soup Toskan style
with mild chilli, black olives and mascarpone
58,- Kč
Beef broth
with liver dumplings, homemade noodles and vegetables
52,- Kč
Kulajda with
wild mushrooms, fresh dill and poached egg
58,- Kč

Pasta - Gnocchi

Strozzapreti in wild mushrooms cream sauce
with parsley and pork tenderloin fillets
188,- Kč
Homemade potato gnocchi
with spinach, cream sauce and smoke salmon
188,- Kč
Strozzapreti with prawns, white wine, cherry tomatoes and baby spinach, cream
198,- Kč


Risotto with roasted mushrooms,
white wine, spring oninon and parmesan cheese
144,- Kč

Fish - Venison

Grilled Norwegian salmon fillet
served with barely risotto, sage and roasted lemon
248,- Kč
Tuna steak, grilled mini tomatoes with cane sugar, mild sauce with ginger and turmeric
284,- Kč
Grilled Norwegian salmon fillet with herb butter, served on mixed salad with olive oil and seas salt
228,- Kč
Deer steak from the grill, demi glace with marinated plums in porto wine
324,- Kč


Marinated pork chop,
two kind of dips, served with corn on the cob, steak chips
219,- Kč
Grilled pork tenderloin,
potato pure with baby spinach, thyme demi glace
228,- Kč
MIX GRILL, veal steak, deer steak, pork tenderloin, grilled vegetables and bacon, baked potato, créme fraiche
duck breast, deer steak, pork tenderloin, grilled vegetablesi and bacon, baked potato in the foil, créme fraiche
288,- Kč
Chicken steak from the grill with mungo sprouts on olive oil with sea salt, potato purée with pumpkin emulsion
198,- Kč


Rumpsteak PIRI PIRI (BIO)
with roasted red pepper, Italian bacon, mushrooms and chilli on butter
324,- Kč
Fillet steak 220g, cream sauce with shallot, Italian bacon and parsley
with baked cherry tomatoes and white wine sauce, cream, capers, parsley
348,- Kč
Fillet steak MADAGASKAR,
demi-glace with green pepper, brandy sauce
348,- Kč
Rumsteak (BIO)
in mushroom cream sauce with whisky
282,- Kč
Filé steak 220g roasted bacon and fried egg
348,- Kč
Veal steak 250g spicy tomato salza (cold) with coriander, grilled peper with bacon, corn, baked pototoes with herbs
348,- Kč

Chef's special

Toasted camembert
with grilled vegetables, baked potatoe with herbs dip
168,- Kč
Grilled pork tenderloin served with mild cream from dijon mustard, roasted red onion
served with spicy Italian salami cream sauce and shallot
218,- Kč
Chicken steak with fried panchetta,
blue cheese dip, steak fries and vegetable chips
198,- Kč
Beef tartar - 150g (250g/360 Kč)
served with toasted bread and pickled vegetables
270,- Kč
Veal skewer with bacon a red onion, mild chilli sauce with red wine, roasted potatoes with garlic and thyme
288,- Kč


Chicken Ceasar sald with panchetta,
croutons and parmesan cheese
158,- Kč
Salad with spicy grilled vegetables
and roasted pieces of pork tenderloin
168,- Kč
Salad with cherry tomatoes, dill dresing and boiled egg, roasted prawns on butter
168,- Kč

Dětská jídla

Beef broth with vegetables
25,- Kč
Chicken nuggets with mashed potatoes and fruit compote
98,- Kč
Chicken steak from the grill with ham cream sauce,
french fries, vegetables
98,- Kč
Vanilla ice cream topped with whipped cream and chocolate
42,- Kč


Grilled vegetables with thyme and garlic
64,- Kč
Small mixed salad
54,- Kč
Steakové hranolky
38,- Kč
Boiled potatoes with butter
38,- Kč
Roasted potatoes with onion, bacon and créme fraiche
48,- Kč
Pan fried potatoes
38,- Kč
Mashed potatoes
38,- Kč
Boiled rice
38,- Kč
Garlic or herb baguette
34,- Kč
Blue chesse dip
18,- Kč
Spicy dip
18,- Kč
Tartar sauce
18,- Kč


Marinated pineapple carpaccio
with pistachio ice cream and orange caramel
88,- Kč
Fried pancakes with cranberries,
blackcurrant sorbet and créme fraiche
88,- Kč
Ice cream sundae with vanilla ice cream,
cookies, caramel, orange créme fraiche, cream
88,- Kč
Chocolate panna cotta with raspberries and crème fraiche
88,- Kč
Homemade carrot cake with cherries in chocolate, créme fraiche
88,- Kč

Ice cream

20,- Kč
20,- Kč
20,- Kč
20,- Kč

K vínu

198,- Kč
Olives – black, chilli, garlic
48,- Kč
Rosted almonds with sea salt
65,- Kč
Homemade potato chips with sea salt
59,- Kč